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September 14, 2011
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Download the September GRID.pdf   (700 kB) -- 31 pages of details on upcoming Chapter meetings, classes, and conferences on a wide variety of topics.   Select a Chapter event to learn about new developments and to network with fellow professionals -- choose a course or conference to master new skills.

Chapter Meetings, Events for September, October:
SPECTRUM - 9/14 | PMU Technology for Dynamic Conditions in Distribution - phasor measurement units, power grid, normal and emergency conditions ... (Web, 11AM) [more]

SCV-ComSoc - 9/14 | Telemedicine: New Technologies and Perspectives from the Field - 3 speakers: rural patients, remote exams, sensor networking, real-time streaming ... (NSC, 6PM) [more]

SCV-CPMT - 9/14 | fcCuBE Technology: Expanding the Flip Chip Packaging Landscape - Cu column, current densities, escape routing, stresses, scalability ... (Biltmore, 6PM) [more]

SF-ComSoc - 9/14 | Radio-Access LTE-Advanced and Beyond - 4G, components, data rates, multi-antenna, relaying, aggregation ... (CPUC, 6:30PM) [more]

SCV-PV - 9/14 | The Consumerization of Energy - costs, security, imported fuels, climate change, lessons for solar ... (PARC, 6:30PM) [more]

OEB-IAS - 9/15 | Technology Update: Lighting Controls in Commercial and Industrial Applications - trends, options, wireless, metering, verification ... (Fraedos, 5:30PM) [more]

SCV-GOLD - 9/15 | Mountains of Big Data: A Hiker's Guide - storage technology: planning, access, control ... (Stanford, 5:30PM) [more]

OEB-ComSoc - 9/15 | LTE-Advanced and Beyond – Future Radio Access - 4G technology, multi-antenna, relaying, carrier aggregation, data rates ... (DeVry, 6:30PM) [more]

SCV-CNSV - 9/16 | Ingredients for Raising Venture Capital in Today's Market - founding team, development, seed capital, customer ref's ... (F&W, 8:30AM) [more]

SCV-CNSV - 9/20 | IP Strategies for the New Decade - IP licensing program, Major players, monetization paths ... (KeyPoint, 7PM) [more]

SCV-Nano - 9/20 | Transfer-Printing Semiconductor Nanodevices on Arbitrary Substrates - single crystal, top-down, bottom-up, transfer, benign process ... (NSC, 11:30AM) [more]

SCV-Mag - 9/20 | Turning Insulators into Metals! - binary oxides, N doped MgO, non-volatile resistive memories ... (WD, 7PM) [more]

SCV-PELS - 9/21 | Better Place – The Storage Story for Vehicles - charging infrastructure, virtual generator, storage asset, operating cost, utility-scale storage ... (NSC, 6PM) [more]

SCV-PES+IAS - 9/21 | Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology & Tour of KLEENSPEED Technologies - electric vehicle, functionality, viability, full potential, race car ... (Moffett, 6PM) [more]

SCV-EMB - 9/21 | Deep Brain Modulation of Hypersynchrony and Movement in Parkinsons Disease - dopaminergic pathways, implants, stable treatment, neural signal feedback ... (Stanford, 6:15PM) [more]

SCV-CPMT+CAS+CS+EDS - 9/22 | Memory Scaling and Its Potential Impact on Computing and Storage - compatibility, hierarchies, impacts, packaging ... (Biltmore, 11:30AM) [more]

SCV-ComSoc - 9/22 | Trends, New Markets and Opportunities for Wireless Telecom Providers - panel: provisioning services, monitoring, analyzing, control, connected-home ... (HP, 6PM) [more]

SCV-CAS - 9/26 | Video Compression Technology – Building the Next Generation - visual resolution, perceptual quality, mobile high-def, HEVC project ... (QualComm, 6:30PM) [more]

SCV-CE - 9/27 | DiiVA - Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio - multiprotocol networking, high-bandwidth, uncompressed video, audio, power ... (NVIDIA, 6:30PM) [more]

SF-IAS - 9/27 | The Construction Aspect of Electrical Power System Design - a consultant vs contractor, building information modeling, pipe and gear ... (Sinbad's, 5:30PM) [more]

SPECTRUM - 9/28 | Modeling and Simulation of HEV and EV Power Electronics Systems - Webinar: design challenges, multidomain, control strategies ... (Web, 7AM) [more]

SCV-IT - 9/28 | The Role of Information Theory in Public Key Cryptography - research, theory, preparation, training ... (Stanford, 5:30PM) [more]

SF-GOLD - 9/28 | Social Mixer with IEEE S.F. GOLD and PG&E Nu NRG - hanging out, young professionals, all welcome ... (Palomino, 5PM) [more]

SPECTRUM + SCV Section - 10/4 | Silicon Valley's Impact on the Automotive Industry - expert panelists, innovations: GM, BMW, Tesla, GreenCarReports ... (CHM, 5PM) [more]

SCV-Phot - 10/4 | Green Photonics Trends for the Next Decade: Communications, Lighting, Solar - rare earth oxides, "on-silicon" solutions, GaN-on-Si, new designs ... (Keypoint, 6PM) [more]

SCV-TMC - 10/6 | Product Management Essentials for Project and Program Manager - effective development, market success, working well together ... (Ramada, 6PM) [more]

OEB-Life - 10/11 | Sustainable Transportation Systems: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Ships - energy usage, diamond lanes, metering lights, congestion pricing ... (WillowTree, 6PM) [more]

SCV-CPMT - 10/12 | Silicon Carbide (SiC) Sensing Technology for Extreme Harsh Environments - SiC manufacturing, growth, metallization, combustion monitoring, space exploration ... (Biltmore, 6PM) [more]

SCV-ComSoc - 10/12 | Savvis Converged Cloud - Optimized Performance over Shared Private Network Infrastructure - service guarantees, hybrid clouds, security. control, delivery models ... (NSC, 6PM) [more]

SCV-CNSV - 10/18 | Leveraging Consulting to Build a Bionic Technology Company - key resource, iterations, prototypes, clinical validation ... (Keypoint, 7PM) [more]

SCV-PACE - 10/19 | Career Networking: When and How to Switch Jobs - hidden job market, specific techniques, strategies, new skills ... (Biltmore, 6PM) [more]

SCV-Rel - 10/21 | Quality: On the Road to Performance Excellence - 1-day seminar: over 20 talks in 5 tracks, reception ... (Techmart, 7:30AM) [more]

SPECTRUM + SCV Section - 10/24 | Reinventing Infrastructure for High-Speed Rail - expert panelists, research, innovations: IBM, Siemens, Cisco ... (CHM, 5PM) [more]

SCV-CE - 10/25 | The Anatomy of Wearable Computing - devices, hardware, app tools, web services, incubation, testing ... (NVIDIA, 6:30PM) [more]

SCV-IT - 10/26 | Emerging Body-Area Network Standard, IEEE 802.15.6 - BAN devices, inside body, medical monitoring, progress since 2008 ... (Stanford, 5:30PM) [more]

SCV-CPMT - 10/27 | Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia's Innovation Boom - geographies, market sectors, incubators, cloning, IPOs ... (Biltmore, 11:30AM) [more]

SCV-EDS - 11/4 | Current Status and Future Directions of Non-Volatile Memory Technology - half-day seminar: speakers from Intel, Micron, Ovonyx, HP, ASU ... (NSC, 1PM) [more]

SCV-IT - 11/30 | Feedback Communication Systems: Fundamental Limits and Control-Theoretic Approach - network models, duality technique, linear codes, mapping, benefits ... (Stanford, 5:30PM) [more]

The Council Marketplace
Do you require someone with special skills -- patent consultations? ... Multiphysics, CFD? ... EMC/product testing?   See our Council Marketplace page. Thank you for supporting our advertisers.

Int'l Solar Energy Technology Conference (ISETC) [more]
  - October 27, 2011   - Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara
  - Technical sessions   - Exhibits
A premier conference promoting innovative technologies related to the efficient creation, storage, distribution, and usage of energy from solar rays.
World class speakers from   - Alta Devices   - General Electric   - UC Berkeley   - Silicon Junction   - Canada Research   - SEMI   - MeteoControl North America   - Enecsys Micro Inverters     Panel: Greentech Media, East/West Bank, CA Solar
Advance registration only $145. To exhibit, contact Stacie Suter,
For information and registration:
International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design   [more]
- March 19-21, 2012   - Santa Clara   - Abstracts Due Sept. 29th
Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC)   [more]
- March 19-20, 2012   - Santa Clara   - Abstracts Due Sept. 29th
    CONFERENCE CALENDAR   (with quick-links)
Chip-Packaging Co-Design for High Performance Electronic Systems   [more]   - September 19-20, 2011       - TechMart, Santa Clara
Online Conference on Energy-Efficient Communications & Green Technologies   [more]   - September 26-29, 2011       - on the Internet
Frontiers in Optics '11, with Laser Science XXVII   [more]
- October 16-20, 2011       - Fairmont Hotel, SJ
ARM Technology Conference and Exhibition   [more]
- October 25-27, 2011       - Santa Clara Convention Center
Int'l Solar Energy Technology Conference (ISETC)   [more]
- October 27, 2011       - Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara
Android Developer Conference (AnDevCon)   [more]
- November 6-9, 2011       - Hyatt Regency Burlingame
37th Int'l Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis   [more]
  - November 13-17, 2011   - San Jose Convention Center
Printed Electronics USA Conference   [more]
- November 29 - December 2, 2011   - Santa Clara Convention Center
The Core of your Future, at ARM Techcon
ARM Technology Conference and Exhibition [more]
    -- November 9-11, 2010     -- Santa Clara Convention Center
    -- Chip Design day     -- System & Software Design days
A technical, engineering-oriented event organized by the ARM Partner ecosystem -- classes, hands-on experiences, and networking at all levels of expertise.     Tracks on:  - Buses and Communication Channels  - Open-Source Software  - Embedded Internet  - Low-power design  - Multicore and Virtualization  - Networking and Connectivity  - OS Selections  - Security  - Debugging Tools and Techniques
A free Exhibition-Only pass includes access to the exhibits, keynotes, special industry training sessions, and special events.   Save 20% with promo code "GRID".   Visit the website:
2011 Wireless & EMC Seminar Program
Technology and Methods for FCC, EU, Int'l Compliance [more]
    - November 7-11, 2011   - Elliott Laboratories, Newark
Join the experts with ACB, NTS and Washington Laboratories for a comprehensive overview of methods and requirements of EMC and Radio Regulations. This seminar will cover requirements for radio transmitters, processes in the "BRICK" countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea) as well as Asia-Pacific and South America, practical testing techniques, laboratory operations, and measurement methods.
Session 1 (Nov 7-8): "FCC, IC and EU Regulations"   - Session 2: (Nov 9): "Global Regulations for Wireless Devices"   - Session 3: (Nov 10-11): "Laboratory Measurement Methods for Wireless and EMC Requirements"
Register for all three and save $390. Additional 10% off with discount code "WLA".
For more information: .
Professional Skills Courses in the SF Bay Area
Choose from an array of skills-development classes, from Effective Training Associates, the Technology Management Council and the CPMT Chapter.   Classes this fall:
Management Essentials [more]   - October 13-14 at TIBCO Software, Palo Alto
Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager [more]   - October 18 at Integrated Device Technology, SJ
Clear Business, Technical, and Email Writing [more]   - October 27 at TIBCO Software, Palo Alto
Project Management: Team-Based Accountability - PMI Certified [more]   - November 8-9 at TIBCO Software, Palo Alto
Meeting Management [more]   - December 1 at TIBCO Software, Palo Alto
      See the website for other courses and alternate dates.
First Annual IEEE/CPMT Workshop on
Chip-Packaging Co-Design for High Performance Electronic Systems [more]     -- September 19-20, 2011   -- TechMart, Santa Clara
A forum for technical education and research interchange on the topic of chip-packaging co-design, and co-design manufacturing and reliability impacts.
Talks:   - Applications and Limitations   - Narrowing the Gap Between Si Chip and Packaging Technology   - Performance and Cost Optimization   - Simulation of 3D IC and Silicon Interposer Power Distribution   - Mechanical Reliability in TSV-based 3D ICs   - Chip-Package-PCB-System Co-Design Challenges   - Chip-Package-PCB Co-Design Roadmap   - Electrical Modeling and Automation by EDA Software   - and more!
Register at:
UPCOMING CLASSES for Working Engineers
UC Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley [more]
Check out our new facility at 2505 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara, near the Great America Parkway / Bowers Ave exit off Hwy 101.   Upcoming courses: ASIC Physical Design, Advanced Starts Sept 20; Design Simulation with Verilog and SystemVerilog Starts Sept 20; Digital Signal Processing, Fundamentals Starts Sept 20; Wireless Technologies for Embedded Systems: Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee Starts Sept 26; Real-Time Application Programming for Internet Devices Starts Sept 27; SystemVerilog for ASIC and FPGA Design Starts Sept 28; Developing Applications for Android Mobile Devices Starts Sept 29; PLL and Clock/Data Recovery Circuits Starts Sept 29; Wireless Communications, Intro Starts Sept 29; Linux Device Drivers Starts Oct 5;   - 10% discount for early registration.
Browse the full course listing:
Microsoft Consumer Products Group
Engineering Jobs: Silicon, Hardware, Software, Reliability [more]
Microsoft's consumer products teams are looking for talent like you – design, silicon, hardware, software, system verification, reliability and manufacturing engineers, as well as supply chain professionals. Our teams create game-changing consumer products such as Xbox 360, KINECT, Arc Keyboard, Arc Touch Mouse and so much more! We're shaking up connected entertainment and making some of the world's best-selling hardware. And you thought Microsoft was just a software company...   Learn more about the exciting career opportunities in Mountain View, CA and Redmond, WA. Sign up for our hardware jobs updates -- join our Talent Network.
Go to for more information.
13th Int'l Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) [more]
    -- March 19-21, 2012     -- Santa Clara
    -- 4 to 8 page Paper Submission Deadline is September 29th
ISQED bridges the gaps among electronic design tools and processes, integrated circuit technologies, processes and manufacturing, to achieve design quality. Papers are requested on these and related topics:   - Design for Manufacturability/Yield & Quality   - Physical Design, Methodologies & Tools   - Design Verification and Design for Testability   - EDA Methodologies, Tools, Flows & IP Cores; Interoperability and Reuse   - Package-Design Interactions & Co-Design   - System-level Design, Methodologies & Tools.   Download the full CFP:
Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) [more]       -- March 19-20, 2012     -- Santa Clara
  - Educational Hardware and Software Tools   - Innovation in Engineering Design   - Trends in Engineering Education   - Learning Environments, Tools, and eLearning   - Combining Teaching and Research   - Continuing Education & Its Delivery
Submission Deadline is September 29th -- see
The technical conference for software developers building Android apps.
Android Developer Conference (AnDevCon)   [more]
-- November 6-9, 2011       -- Hyatt Regency Burlingame
-- 40+ Classes and Workshops       -- Keynotes, Exhibits, more
-- Earlybird registration through September 23 (save $300)
Attend technical classes covering the Android SDKs, the newest hardware and the Android Market. Learn from hands-on experts with real-world apps experience.
Classes:   - Android Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I started!   - Creating an Easy-To-Use Modular Framework   - What's New in Android Tablet Development with Honeycomb   - Android Variants, Hacks, Tricks and Resources   - Best Practices for Great Smartphone Apps   - App Design and Testing for Better Power Consumption   ... and many more.
Submit an entry for the Engineering App Contest!   Special group discounts. For information and to register, visit   (use code "IEEE" for $100 discount on Passport, or free exhibits pass)
Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering:
SCU M.S. Degree in Sustainable Energy
The newly approved Masters program in Sustainable Energy includes cross-disciplinary courses in EE, ME, Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering. More details
Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy: This 16-unit interdisciplinary Certificate Program is designed to give a broad understanding of the evolving renewable energy sector plus the specific engineering skills necessary in the solar, wind, hydropower, biofuels, and nuclear power industries. Four Core courses and four electives allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of different renewable energy sources. More details
We provide one-on-one information sessions. For inquiry, please fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.
For more information: or contact LeAnn,
Eigth Annual Printed Electronics USA Conference [more]
- November 29 - December 2, 2011   - Santa Clara Convention Center
- The world's largest and most comprehensive event on the new electronics
Printed Electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Electronics can be used in places it has never been before, with new exciting form factors.
Over 100 world class speakers cover components, materials and applications in the following areas:   -   - CdTe Solar Cells   - Thin/Flexible Batteries   - Conformal/Flexible Displays   - E-readers   - Digital Printing   - Conductive Materials   - Graphene Carbon Nanotubes   - Organic Photovoltaics   - Dye-sensitized Solar Cells   - National Solar Incentives   - Market analysis & forecasts ...   plus 10 Master Classes on Nov. 29, Dec. 2   - Investment Summit   Co-located with Photovoltaics USA -- one registration includes both events. Use code "IEEE25" for a 25% discount.
For more information:
North America's largest trade show of FA-related equipment and services
37th Int'l Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis [more]
    -- November 13-17, 2011     -- San Jose Convention Center
    -- Sessions: Tues-Thurs, Nov 15-17     -- Exposition: Tues-Wed, Nov 15-16
Theme: "Finding the Invisible Defect."   ISTFA'11 combines technical sessions, tutorials, an exhibition, and user group meetings with a focus on making the full experience a strong benefit for the attendee.
Sessions:  - Packaging- and Assembly-Level FA  - Defect Characterization & Metrology  - FA Process/Case Histories  - Sample Preparation  - Alternative Energy  - Photon-Based Techniques  - Board and System Level FA  - EMS, Discretes and Optoelectronic Device FA  - and more, plus Panel Discussion, Poster Papers.
Also Tutorials, Short Courses, exhibits.  Register by Sept 16 – Save up to $125.
Registration now open ...
Components and Memory-Design Engineers
Looking for Design and Hardware Engineers for a Study [more]
- Simple 1-page Survey, to start   - Respond by Sept. 20th
Tired of not finding the datasheet that you need? Frustrated with the memory manufacturers’ websites? Can't find the component you need for your design? We’re looking to talk to you! We are a website design company working with a major memory manufacturer to redesign their website. Contact us if you are interested in participating in this study to incorporate your feedback into the new website. Here are the details of the study itself:
  - Duration: 1-2 hours long   - Location: Conducted at your place of work   - Flexible times: We are available anytime in the next 2 weeks   - Generously compensated: It’s our way of saying 'thanks for your time.'
If you are interested in participating, fill out the short 1-page survey here:, and we will contact you shortly. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate everyone who fills out the survey.
Tune in to where technology lives. -- New Programs [more] is an award-winning, Internet-based television network which produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering -- with a library of more than 300 programs on such topics as wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling. New programs recorded in high definition are added monthly.
No cost to the general public -- IEEE members log in to access special members-only programs and site features, including downloads and transcripts.
Topics:   - Electric Ship Technologies   - Analog to Digital   - IEEE in China   - Profiles in Volunteering: Leadership   - Art of the Start: Entrepreneurship   - The Story of Hoover Dam
Tune in at
Frontiers in Optics '11, with Laser Science XXVII [more]
    -- October 16-20, 2011     -- Fairmont Hotel, SJ
    -- Sessions: Mon-Thurs, Oct 17-20     -- Exhibits: Tues-Wed, Oct 18-19
Attend 5 days of intense, up-to-date programming featuring dynamic, cutting-edge presentations on the latest advancements in optics and photonics, plenary talks, and special events for networking with pioneers and colleagues from around the globe.
Plenary Talks:   - Ferenc Krausz, "Seeing is Believing: Capturing Electrons in Real Time"   - Sir John Pendry, "Inside the Wavelength - Seeing Really Small Objects with Light"
Short Courses Oct 16th:   - Photonic Quantum-Enhanced Technologies   - Polarization Engineering   - Coherence and Optical Imaging   - Nanophotonics: Design, Fabrication and Characterization   - Exploring Optical Aberrations   - Plasmonics   - Active Silicon Photonic Devices   - Illumination: From Solid-State Lighting to Solar Energy
Register by Sept 27 – Save $115.
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