Sandra Winkler, Editor

Mailing Address:

SF Bay Area Council, IEEE
PO Box 2110
Cupertino, CA 95015-2110

"I'd like to subscribe to the e-GRID, but I'm not an IEEE Member. Can you add me?"
Yes, we are pleased to distribute the twice-weekly e-GRID to any engineer or manager in the SF Bay Area. Please visit our subscription services page to add your email address to our distribution list, or contact the editor directly.

"I'd like to send you information about our upcoming Chapter meeting, for the GRID. What details do you need?"
Please send the key information about your upcoming meeting to the Editor. We are happy to add it to our e-GRID and the Interactive Calendar as much as three months in advance. (If details change, send us a correction.)

"Our Chapter is holding a Short Course, Workshop or Tutorial; how do I get it publicized in the GRID?"
We can assist you in publicizing your event among Bay Area engineers. Please review our Chapter Adverisements Flyer for details. If the admission charge is under $60/day ($80/day if lunch is included), then we will publicize it at no cost to your Chapter. For other advertising, see our Conferences and Tutorials Flyer

"Who are the officers for my Chapter or Section?"
The Annual Roster of the Council, showing Chapter, Section, and Council officers, is available as a PDF file. It is published in March, and minor updates are made to it periodically. This is a quick way to establish contact with the local Chapter of your choice. Get a copy from Paul.

"Our Chapter (Affinity Group) just elected new officers. Where do I report this?"
First, send the names and contact information to your Section's secretary. Then, report them officially to IEEE on the IEEE Officer Confirmation Report. They ask you to report the primary elected officers -- Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer; you don't need to report additional appointed officers and committee chairs on this IEEE web page, but please give the full listing to your Section's secretary.

"How can I find out about Banner Ads, Marketplace Ads, and GRID.pdf display ads?"
Your first step is to read the Flyer describing our services in detail. Please review:
  • Flyer for Marketplace ads
  • Flyer for Conference/Tutorial ads
  • Flyer for website Page Sponsorships
    The Editor will be happy to work with you to develop the program and artworks for your needs.

  • "How is our Section related to the SF Bay Area Council?"
    The three Bay Area Sections formed the Council, and the Sections own the Council. Two delegates from each Section (appointed annually by their Sections) form the Council Board, with the Council Communications Director/Editor being a member without vote. These seven people, with assistance as needed, run activities that are best handled on a tri-Section basis. You may view the MOU from 2006 that forms the basis of the current Council.

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