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News and Meetings

SPECTRUM - 11/25 | Modeling Material Properties Based on Measured Data - Webinar: extracting properties, robustness, etch factor, milling, metallization ... [more]

SCV-CS - 12/2 | 3-D Visualization of Big Data - big data, trends, patterns, holographic platform ... [more]

SCV-CNSV - 12/2 | Computer Vision Grows Up - gesture-based, smart security, embedded, algorithms ... [more]

SCV-TechHist - 12/2 | Perspective from Stanford's Silicon Valley Archives - panel: history, life and times, preservation, archives ... [more]

SCV-CE - 12/2 | What's New in Mobile: From Gamer-Focused NVIDIA SHIELD to Google Tango - segments, graphic power, computer vision, sensors, robotics ... [more]

SCV-SPS - 12/4 | Signal Processing-Based Technology Entrepreneurship: Chips, Algorithms, and Startups - funding, drivers, examples of startups ... [more]

SCV-TMC - 12/4 | The Seven Wastes: Can You Get A Little Leaner? - SW development, agility, brainstorm, application ... [more]

SCV-MTT - 12/8 | RF Aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging - high magnetic field, gradients, pulse, manipulate nuclei, coils ... [more]

SCV-Mag - 12/9 | Living Large In The Land of Storage; and Do You Want It Big, or Fast? - developments, data centers, local storage, cloud, SSDs ... [more]

SCV-EMC - 12/9 | Size of Devices to Be Measured at 3m and Updates on CISPR 32 and CISPR 35 - multimedia equipment, radiated emissions, immunity, standards ... [more]

SCV-PV - 12/10 | Quality of PV Modules Around the World: Qualification Testing Failure Rate Results from China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and US - unqualified materials, warranty rate, recall history, design evolution ... [more]

SPECTRUM - 12/16 | Thinking Across the Plug: The Coming Integration of Electric Vehicles and Smart Grids - management, power reserve, collaboration, options, customer needs ... [more]

SCV-CNSV - 1/5 | An Introduction to Software Defined Radio - evolution, oversampling, firmware, mobile, live demo ... [more]

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SCV-ComSoc - 1/14 | Better Broadband Transmitters with RF-DACs - cable-head, small, low power, wide bandwidths ... [more]

SCV-CE - 1/20 | Annual Consumer Electronics Show Download - trends, innovations, storage, imaging, wearables, IoT [more]

SF-PES - 1/21 | The Evolution of the Digital Substation - uP protection systems, real time data, modern instruments, security ... [more]

SCV-MEMS - 1/28 | Lab-on-Chip Technologies Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Ebola Detection and Cancer Diagnostics - nanophotonics, tranformative, fluidics, in-vitro diagnostics ... [more]

SCV-MEMS - 2/25 | Building Successful MEMS Company: From Start to IPO - strategy, real value, commercialization, customer design-in ... [more]

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