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News and Meetings

SPECTRUM - 12/16 | Thinking Across the Plug: The Coming Integration of Electric Vehicles and Smart Grids - management, power reserve, collaboration, options, customer needs ... [more]

SCV-PSES - 12/16 | Export Opportunities and Resources for U.S. Companies - Department of Commerce, trade missions, goals, counseling ... [more]

SmartGrid - 12/18 | Enabling Smart Grids: Energy Storage Technologies, Opportunities and Challenges - generation, transmission, distribution, batteries, store, release ... [more]

SCV-CNSV - 1/6 | An Introduction to Software Defined Radio - evolution, oversampling, firmware, mobile, live demo ... [more]

SCV-ComSoc - 1/14 | Better Broadband Transmitters with RF-DACs - cable-head, small, low power, wide bandwidths ... [more]

SCV-PV - 1/15 | Photovoltaics for a Billion Poor - necessity, strategies, economics, cultural, case studies ... [more]

SCV-CE - 1/20 | Annual Consumer Electronics Show Download - trends, innovations, storage, imaging, wearables, IoT [more]

SCV-Nano - 1/20 | What's Hot in Advanced Nanomaterials - coatings, composites, metals, innovators, commercial trajectories ... [more]

SF-PES - 1/21 | The Evolution of the Digital Substation - uP protection systems, real time data, modern instruments, security ... [more]

SCV-MEMS - 1/28 | Lab-on-Chip Technologies Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Ebola Detection and Cancer Diagnostics - nanophotonics, tranformative, fluidics, in-vitro diagnostics ... [more]

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SCV-SSC - 1/29 | High-Performance MEMS Inertial Sensors: A Tutorial Overview - design challenges for wearables, health, fitness ... [more]

SCV-MEMS - 2/25 | Building Successful MEMS Company: From Start to IPO - strategy, real value, commercialization, customer design-in ... [more]

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