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    "IEEE's SF Bay Area Meetings and Conferences — Information to your Fingertips"

    I suggest that you get (or continue to subscribe) to the e-GRIDour free twice-a-month email — which is a digest of all upcoming Chapter meetings, classes, etc, directly to your INBOX. The e-GRID is a convenient spot to scan the local opportunities for networking and learning new technology.

    As I receive notices about upcoming Chapter meetings (and every few weeks, for courses and conferences) I will blog a summary of that item (see our BayAreaTech blog), which automatically creates the Feeds. Each Item is placed in one or more of the Categories (in addition to the "ALL" Category). Selecting the "ALL" option lets you quickly scan the topics of upcoming meetings and pick those of interest for further investigation or circulation within your group. Enter your Keywords in the Search field to help find events.

    We suggest you begin by subscribing to the "ALL" option. Alternately, you can subscribe to one or a few of the sub-categories broken down by technical area.

    To use RSS, copy the feed address (right-click on the appropriate link below and select "Copy Link Location") and paste this link into the correct field in your RSS news reader (see the list of compatible readers to the right). Even better, use a browser which supports RSS feeds, such as Firefox for Windows XP/7 or Safari for Mac OS X, to "inspect" this page and reveal the choices.

    CATEGORIES: Your Available Feeds (in both RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0)

    •     ALL News Items
      •     BioEngineering
      •     Computer/Software
      •     Communications
      •     Electrical/Power
      •     Electronics Design
      •     NanoEngineering
      •     Optics/Displays
      •     Semiconductors
      •     Technology Management

    Now you're ready to scan the listing of upcoming Chapter meetings and other events when YOU decide!

      Sandra Winkler, GRID Editor

The IEEE's Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area meetings/conferences summary is now also available through RSS feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your Feed Reader or Web browser. While email is delivered to your email client, RSS announcements are "requested" by your RSS Reader or Browser several times a day. Many engineers find the convenience of an RSS Reader fits their needs quite nicely. The RSS data is also available through our Android and iOS Apps, which may be downloaded from your favorite App Store.

Selected RSS Readers

  • We recommend using Firefox 3.5 or higher with its built-in RSS Reader, or with the Sage plugin.
  • Attensa — Windows, Microsoft Outlook-based; trial available
  • Awasu — Windows; free for personal use
  • Bloglines — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • FeedDemon — Windows; commercial software, trial available
  • Feedreader — Windows (open source); freeware
  • Google Reader — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • My Yahoo! — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • NetNewsWire — Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available
  • NewsFire — Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available
  • RSS Reader — Windows; freeware
  • SharpReader — Windows; freeware
  • Find out more about RSS and Feeds at IEEE SPECTRUM's FeedFAQ

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